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About Dr. Russell Hyken

Choosing the right psychotherapist is essential. Your student or young adult should feel comfortable with the therapist. Preadolescents, teenagers and college-age students all find Dr. Hyken very approachable.

What sets Dr. Hyken and Educational Psychotherapy Services apart from other educational consultants is not only his demeanor, but also his integral knowledge of the many regional and national programs. His breadth of experience is also unique, including tenures as a teacher, school administrator and psychotherapist.

In addition to his schooling and experience, his educational life experiences round out his knowledge. He not only taught in both private and public schools but also attended both.

Dr. Hyken earned a Ph. D in Psychology from Capella University, an Educational Specialist degree from Webster University, a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Saint Louis University, teaching certification from Washington University, and a B.A. in Communications and a B.S. in Marketing from Saint Louis University. With more than 15 years of experience in education as a teacher, school counselor, psychological examiner and school administrator, Dr. Hyken founded Educational and Psychotherapy Services, LLC. EPS specializes in educational evaluations, ADHD assessments, individual/family therapy and educational therapy.

Dr. Hyken feels strongly about spreading messages to parents that help in the tumultuous child-rearing times. He writes articles for various family magazines and is often seen on regional TV news discussing handling troubled teens.


“We didn’t know what to do or where to go for help as we struggled with our teenage daughter’s cycle of poor choices. She was heading down a long, bad road of self destruction. Luckily, we were referred to Dr. Hyken. He provided so much support and helped our daughter and our entire family get the therapy we needed.”
-Parent, Missouri

“There are so many therapeutic and educational placement options. It’s such an overwhelming and frustrating process. Dr. Hyken streamlined everything for us. He matched our son’s personality and needs to the right programs, and our son has made great strides because of where he is now.”
-Parent, Illinois

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